How to clean a brace or dental tray

How to clean a brace or dental tray

Wearing a dental splint or mandibular advancement device is sometimes necessary when you suffer from sleep disorders such as bruxism, sleep apnoea or snoring. Placed on the lower jaw at night, this device frees up the airways and avoids friction between the teeth during sleep. It is important to clean your mouthpiece regularly to maintain good oral hygiene. Why is it necessary? How to maintain an oral device? When to clean its mouthpiece? With which cleaning products? We answer these questions in a few lines.

Why should you clean your mouthpiece?

The cleaning of a dental tray is essential both to maintain good dental hygiene and to keep the effectiveness of the treatment over time. Badly cleaned, a mouthpiece wears out more quickly and can cause infections such as canker sores, gingivitis, the appearance of cavities and even periodontitis. This inflammation of the tissues can cause significant damage to the gums and leads to a progressive destruction of the bone that holds the teeth in place. If it occurs, you will not be able to continue your treatment with braces, as it makes the jaw particularly fragile.

Infections and inflammations of the teeth and mouth are caused by the deposit of bacteria and tartar that accumulate on the mouthpiece during sleep. Proper cleaning not only protects the mouth and teeth, but also makes the mouthpiece more comfortable to wear. We recommend that you clean your anti-snoring device every day with water or water and toothpaste. You can also rub it with a mouthwash solution. Do you feel that your mouthpiece is not cleaned properly? Do you suffer from infection despite all your precautions? In addition to the actions mentioned below, you should carry out a more thorough weekly cleaning of your mouthpiece.

How to clean your mouthpiece?

Dentists and specialists of dental devices are definite on one point: a dental mouthpiece must be cleaned every day, just as a dental prosthesis. The wearers of a mandibular orthosis generally choose to take advantage of brushing every day to clean their dental trays. Simply rinse the mouthpiece with cold water and scrub it well with a soft toothbrush. Toothbrushes with hard bristles should be avoided. The stiff bristles make it difficult to reach certain areas and clean the device properly. Avoid to use the same brush, as you risk transferring bacteria from your mouth to the device and vice versa, which will cause their proliferation. Finally, you can use white vinegar or baking soda to clean your braces. If you use baking soda, a natural cleaner, do not apply the powder as such. Mix it with water to form a paste with the consistency of toothpaste. Brush your teeth as normal and remember to rinse your braces thoroughly with water afterwards.

NitrAdine to take care of your dental device

As you can see, whether you suffer from bruxism, snoring or sleep apnoea, the maintenance of a mouthpiece is very important. Nitradine tablets can enable you to carry out optimal maintenance and disinfect your dental device. This effervescent tablet combines disinfecting, fungicidal, anti-Halithosis, cleaning, non-colouring, anti-plaque, and anti-bio-film action. It is a regulated, CE marked medical device with clinically proven action. Using Nitradine tablets is very simple and can be done in just a few steps, twice a week (unless your dentist indicates a more frequent recurrence):

  • To begin with, immerse your brace in lukewarm water. avoid hot water, as it can deform your thermoformed device.
  • Add one Nitradine tablet to your glass of water.
  • Leave your mouthpiece in the solution for 15 minutes to an hour.
  • Remove the brace from the solution.
  • Rinse it thoroughly with clean water (warm or cold, it doesn’t matter) and scrub it with a toothbrush to avoid irritation.
  • You can dry your mouthpiece with a towel or paper towel or let it air dry.

We advise you to store your mouthpiece in its case after each cleaning; this prevents it from being touched by dust and guarantees you a perfect mouthpiece for the night. You now know why and how to clean your mouthpiece. Following the recommendations given in the instructions for use of your brace or by your dentist is also a good way to clean it in the most suitable way. In any case, we strongly recommend that you wash your brace with Nitradine tablets. They are specifically designed to clean and disinfect braces thoroughly. These tablets are ideal for preventing infections and keeping your brace in good condition for a long time.

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